The Highlight Of The World Series So Far: Fox Reporter’s Bow Tie (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Fox baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal had an announcement to make. Before Game 1 of the World Series, he tweeted the following:

Wardrobe alert! Tune in tonight. Yours truly like you’ve never seen him before. And no, we’re not talking a Janet Jackson malfunction!

Well, good that he wasn’t about to set off a national firestorm, but what could it mean? Well, as it turned out, he did make a daring fashion choice…and, we would say, a fantastic one.

Do unexpected bow tie sightings ever get old? We would say they don’t. And apparently, so would Fox viewers, according to a later tweet from Rosenthal:

Thanks for all the positive comments on the bowtie – I expected to take a BEATING from you guys on that. See you tomorrow night!

You have to respect how he went ahead with the bow tie plan even after he “expected to take a beating” from viewers. That’s dedication. And we indeed saw him, one night later, after Game 2. Here’s how he looked:

Hey, might as well stick with what works, right? Oh, and the Giants won last night, 9-0, and are two wins from winning it all. But nothing has quite captured our hearts and minds like Rosenthal’s bow tie. Baseball games always happen at the World Series, but the prospect of seeing someone dressed up like they have an awards gala to get to? That, you don’t see every year.