Kid Makes Catch Of His Life During Home Run Derby, Is Suitably Excited

  • Dan Fogarty

The Yankees’ Robinson Cano won last night’s Home Run Derby, defeating Adrian Gonzalez  of the Red Sox 12-11 in the final round. Cano’s father, Jose, was the one who pitched to him, and after his Derby-winning shot Robby raised his arms and bear-hugged his dad.

That, however, wasn’t the coolest moment of the night. Earlier, on Cano’s final out in the first round, one of the roving little leaguers MLB lets play in the outfield made a really impressive diving catch.

This is good and bad for the youngster. Good, because he got to make a really nice play that will live on YouTube (if MLB lets it) forever. Bad, because, well: the rest of your childhood is going to be a little disappointing in comparison to that time you made a diving catch on ESPN. Another young life, ruined by Chris Berman.