Kid Goes On The Ellen Degeneres Show In An Awesome Sports-Inspired Costume

  • Lorenzo Arguello

Halloween is only a few days away. Every year we all go to a party and encounter a slew of people in very topical costumes. A few years ago everyone and their brother was the Joker. Sarah Palins had their run in the spooky night spotlight as well.

The problem with topical costumes is that everyone does them. Expect “Oh you’re supposed to be Casey Anthony?” reactions to be commonplace in a week or so.

A key to standing out at a Halloween party is to do something original. But original and topical need not be mutually exclusive. Take for instance the kid from Texas who’s gained notoriety for dressing up as Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington.

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So for those who still need help figuring out who to be this year, check out this clip of kids in creative costumes on The Ellen Degeneres Show. A sports literature and film-inspired outfit makes its appearance around the 2:54 mark.

We’re not sure if young Brandon is excited, winded, or both when he begins talking to Ellen about his Moneyball ensemble. Nor do we know if he really understands what it represents. What we are sure of is that it’s genius and the thought of having to be rolled around to get from point a to point b looks fun.

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