Kid Who Pulled Baseball Switcheroo At Rangers Game Now A Celebrity

  • Rick Chandler

His name is Austin Chaney, and the 10-year-old has not only been on local TV news and local radio, but he’s been approached by “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition”, and has more then 450,000 YouTube views. And it was all for handing a baseball to a pretty, older girl at a Rangers game.

Austin caught a ball tossed into the stands by Blue Jays’ base coach Luis Rivera, and appeared to turn and hand it as a gift to a girl sitting behind him. But closer inspection shows that he switched the ball he caught to one he already had in his other hand, and gave the old ball to the girl.

But you know that. What you may not have known is that:

* The ball Austin gave the girl was also a game-used ball. He had caught one from the same coach earlier.

* Austin says says he gave the girl the ball “just as a nice gesture.”

* Austin was at the game with other members of his baseball team.

* His team is named the Grand Prairie Gamblers, which may be one of the best youth baseball names ever.

* His mom, Jenni Chaney, says she’s letting him “ride out all the publicity” because he did a good thing. “If you do a good thing it spreads like wildfire. And a bad thing spreads twice as fast.”

Austin, to WFAA Dallas:

“I was told if I got another ball, I should give it to someone else, so I turned around… I thought I was going to give it to someone deep down there, and I saw her right in front of me and I gave it to her,” he explained.

Their reaction? Well, clearly this kid’s got game.

“If they only knew him!” said his mom, Jenni Chaney. “He trips over the wind blowing!”

Thanks, mom. My mother, folks.