Kid's Got Game: Boy Tries To Impress Older Girl By Giving Her Baseball At Rangers Game

  • Rick Chandler

Baseball 1

Baseballs at Major League games are sought-after items, not only as souvenirs, but also for trying to seal the deal with attractive cougars. This boy at a Blue Jays-Rangers game is the smoothest kid ever, as he receives a baseball tossed into the stands by Toronto third base coach Luis Rivera, then turns and gives it to a young woman sitting behind him in his section. But all is not as it seems.

She’s very impressed, as is everyone who witnessed it.

However, he’s also very smart. Watch the video above closely, and you’ll notice that the boy has two baseballs … and after he catches the ball from the Blue Jays coach, he gives the girl another ball, that he already had in his free hand.

Working all the angles. I like this kid.