Somehow, This Is Kirby Puckett’s Signature

  • Dylan Murphy

An inquiring baseball fan recently posted this picture of an autographed baseball on Reddit, asking by whom the baseball was signed. So Reddit did its thing with a bit of research, finding out that yes, it is in fact Kirby Puckett’s signature.

Wait, what?

Pretty cool, to find a baseball in your house with a Hall Of Famer’s signature, even if his stature did fall apart near the end of his life. But it’s too bad the baseball is signed by Keell Sweeey, or Keeee Seeeeeeey, or something. Not that signatures usually look like much of anything, but you can usually count on at least a few identifying markers.

The closest signature suggestion Reddit came up with is Kellen Sweeney, a 21-year-old outfielder in the Blue Jays farm system who hasn’t risen above Single A ball. And his career batting average of .209 is a far cry from Puckett’s .318 – which came in the majors, by the way. Financially speaking, this is a win for the inquisitive Redditor, earning $450 at the least. Because $2.97 would have been much less satisfying.