The Girl Who A-Rod Was Hitting On During Game 1 Of The ALCS Has Been Identified

  • Dan Fogarty

Remember when Alex Rodriguez was taken out of Game 1 of the ALCS, then took that opportunity to hit on an attractive lass in the stands? And summarily got killed for it in the press, seeing as he’s a strikeout machine in the playoffs, and now probably isn’t the best time to be hitting on girls during games? And, you know, it’s fun to boo A-Rod, so this was a perfect opportunity for everyone to pile on him?

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Here’s a brief refresher on his successful mack attempt, via the New York Post.

“After being replaced in the bottom of the eighth inning in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, the highest-paid Yankee openly flirted with a pair of pretty women two rows behind the dugout — even sending them a ball bearing a note asking for their phone numbers, a witness told The Post.”

Despite A-Rod’s postseason struggles, one of the women obliged him.

“One of the girls, with darker blond hair, wrote . . . on the ball and threw it back at A-Rod, who gave her a big smile.”

Well, the woman who threw the ball back to A-Rod — the one with the “darker blond hair” — has been identified.

Despite our best efforts to track down these two ladies, the bloodhounds at the Post beat us to the punch:

Slumping slugger Alex Rodriguez zeroed in on fan Kyna Treacy, a leggy 33-year-old, in the ninth inning of his team’s crucial playoff game against the Detroit Tigers, openly flirting with her and getting her phone number even as he was yanked from the lineup and the Bombers struggled to stay alive.

Treacy, an Australian model and bikini designer currently living in New York, was outed by one of her friends. And while the Post’s reporting was mostly spot-on, they did get one thing wrong, according to her Twitter: her age. She’s actually 27.