A Former Baseball Great Allegedly Got Naked And Asked A Housekeeper For A Massage

  • Mohammed Rahman

Lenny Dykstra allegedly asked a 47-year-old housekeeper that in order to be hired, part of her duties would be to give him regular massages. The kicker? He stripped down naked and asked for a sample.

She flagged down a cop and hired a lawyer.

Don’t be shocked; this isn’t that out of the ordinary for “Nails.” Last December, Dykstra was accused of bouncing a $1,000 check to an escort. In January, he was accused of sexually assaulting his former housekeeper, who he forced into weekly sexual favors.

In addition to his penchant for doing really skeezy things, Dykstra is broke. So broke, in fact, that Charlie Sheen paid the $22,500 bail to get his Dykstra out of jail on embezzlement charges. Insert your own joke here.