Rejoice: Li’l Ron Washington (And His Mustache) Are Back For The World Series

  • Glenn Davis

You remember Li’l Ron Washington, right? The kid (real name: Liam Roybal) who took the baseball world by storm last year with a Halloween costume that made him look exactly like a miniature replica of the Rangers manager? Well, a year later the Rangers are right back in the World Series…and rest assured, that means Li’l Ron is back too. Dallas station WFAA (a.k.a. the people who didn’t air Stephen Colbert’s lockout ad) tracked Roybal down:

We’re glad he’s going back to the Li’l Ron well for a few reasons. One: the costume was fantastic. Two: we have no doubt Roybal could still pull it off, even with braces. He’s eight years old, putting him well within the age threshold after which stunts like this stop being cute. (Example: at Rutgers football games, this one little kid got shown on the scoreboard at pretty much every game for a couple years running, rocking out to “Livin’ on a Prayer” – even earning the nickname “Li’l Jovi.” This year: haven’t seen him once. He’s 14 now – he got too old for it.) Three: it allowed a news graphic to say: “Liam will be shaving his head down the middle again & getting his mustache.”

One other interesting fact: the costume wasn’t even originally meant to mimic Ron Washington:

Liam dressed up for Halloween as an old man, but people thought he resembled a little Ron Washington – so he put on the uniform and went with it.

Smart move. Welcome back, Li’l Ron. Maybe you’ll bring the Rangers better luck this time around. And if not, there’s always Pumpkin Ron.

[Big League Stew]