Here’s The List Of MLB Players Getting Suspended For Their Biogenesis Connection [UPDATED]

  • Eric Goldschein

nelson cruz

Suspensions are being handed down by Major League Baseball to the players implicated in the Biogenesis scandal. You’re familiar with the saga of Alex Rodriguez, but a lot of other good players on contending teams are also going to miss time. Here’s the list so far, reported by Ken Rosenthal of MLB on FOX:


All told, there will be 13 suspensions today, and a single appeal, assuming A-Rod finally gets the call himself.

As Rosenthal notes, guys such as Cruz are accepting their 50-game suspensions without appealing, hoping to be back to their teams in time for the playoffs — and to not miss time next year, which would jeopardize their chances at big contracts. A-Rod, of course, will try to get into the game as soon as possible.

UPDATE: And now, A-Rod officially joins the ranks of those who have been suspended.

The suspension takes effect Thursday, Aug. 8. So, uh, see you tonight, A-Rod.

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