Little League Pitcher Gets Hit In Face With Baseball, Stays In Game Because He’s Tougher Than You

  • Glenn Davis

Pitching is scary enough as it is. You’re essentially alone out there, locked in one-on-one battle after one-on-one battle, your team depending on you to come through again and again, standing on that hill with – by far – the most ability to impact a baseball game of any individual player in the field. The fact that you’re completely susceptible to getting hit with sizable flying projectiles at great speeds and with little to no reaction time is a secondary concern. But when it happens, it’s terrifying. When it happens to a kid…well, that’s a possibility we don’t even want to think about.

But today, at the Little League World Series, it happened to a pitcher from California. The ball flew back at his face. It ht his cap. It knocked him to the ground. (If his cap hadn’t been there…now there’s something we really don’t want to think about.) He shook it off. He got up. He kept right on pitching. He is already twice the man we’ll ever be. Watch below, and respect.