Have You Had Sex With Someone Who’s Had Sex With Logan Morrison?

  • Dan Fogarty

You know what professional athletes do? You know, besides play professional sports? They have sex with people. Lots of people.

Tall people. Short people. Skinny people. Curvy people.

And when they’re not having sex with people, they’re trying to have sex with people.

People at work. People they see on TV. Pretend people.

It’s what they do! Playin’ sports, bangin’ people: such is the life of the average professional athlete (right?). And with a dedication to conquistador’ing so immense –and a swath to manhood cut over so many zip codes– sometimes, the average professional athlete forgets just who the hell it is they’ve had sex with. When you’re playin’ sports and bangin’ people all the time, numbers get lost. Faces are forgotten.

Take Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison, for example. Busted Coverage noticed a string of interesting tweets between Morrison and someone claiming he had something in common with Morrison.

Was it a forgotten face? Or a hook-up that never was? We’ll never know. What we do know, however, is that shortly after the above exchange occurred, a new challenger appeared.

Have you had sex with someone who’s claimed to have had sex with Logan Morrison? If so, tweet at him! It’s what everyone else is doing.