Magic Johnson On A Potential Gay Dodger: “We’re Gonna Support This Player”

  • Eric Goldschein

Another baby step towards the acceptance of gay athletes in sports was taken by one Magic Johnson, who was spurred to speak on the subject when his son, E.J., came out to the public earlier this week. In a series of videos on TMZ, Magic discussed his son’s big decision and how it might encourage an L.A. Dodger to make a similar admission. Magic, for his part, seems elated at the concept.

Familiar with breaking down social barriers in sports himself, Magic talked at length about how he could potentially support and protect a gay member of his organization, using E.J. as an example of his capacity for love. Not every owner of a sports team is so candid — not to mention, you know, nice (see: James Dolan).

You can watch the rest of the interview here.