Marco Scutaro Couldn’t Celebrate Winning The World Series Because He Got Headbutted By Javier Lopez

  • Dylan Murphy

Chinbutted, really. Erin Andrews was down on the field conducting post-championship interviews when she spoke with San Francisco 2nd baseman Marco Sctuaro, a man involved in his fair share of kerfluffles this postseason. But he was caught up in plenty of heroic moments too, posting an impressive .328/.377/.391 for the postseason – not to mention last night’s 10th inning, World Series-winning base knock to put the Giants up 4-3 in the top of the 10th.

The FOX video team cut to various players celebrating the final strike, capturing their individual reactions to World Series glory. Scutaro dropped to his knees and did some kissing/pointing/praying before hugging Giants SS Brandon Crawford and joining the mob at the pitcher’s mound. Except before he could make it all the way there, Javier Lopez bopped him in the head with his chin – accidentally, of course – and Scutaro’s euphoria was cut short due to some searing head pain.

When he finally spoke to Andrews, he wasn’t too pleased – though he didn’t know who the culprit was. Luckily Andrews pointed him in the wrong direction so he could seek revenge.