Joba Chamberlain And Mariano Rivera Got Into An Awkward Spat In Front Of Fans/Reporters In Dugout At Kauffman Stadium

  • Jake O'Donnell

Nobody likes being shushed. That’s why librarians are less popular than barbarians. Well, that and huge axes. So it’s no wonder Joba Chamberlain got a bit upset when Mariano Rivera shushed him in front of fans and reporters prior to Saturday’s 3-2 win in Kansas City. The question is, what was Joba doing that caused the shushing?

Answer: Shouting to his family within earshot of Mariano, who was in the dugout giving an interview with reporters about a meeting he just had with local families who’ve endured hardship. Like, survivors of natural disasters. Real things to get upset about. When Joba, who was signing autographs nearby, interrupted the interview with the volume of his voice — Mariano reportedly said one of two things:

According to CBSsports: “Joba, suave.” Which literally translates to “Joba, soft.”

Or, according to Big League Stew: “Joba! Yo! Bro! Shhh. Stop it!”

What is agreed upon, is that Mo then motioned for the embattled former setup man to turn down the volume. The details of that motion have not been explicitly detailed (one would assume it was a finger to the lip or the old lowering your hand as to signal lower decibals.) But Mariano is the proverbial class act, so its safe to say he didn’t flip him off.

Then, in front of reporters, Joba — who’s been living in Mariano’s shadow for his entire big league career — shot back. Because he’s easily rattled. In fact, bugs derailed his career. Bugs. This guy has the fortitude of a nine year-old.

“Don’t shush me,” he snapped, undoubtedly like a petchulant child. Mariano apparently thought he was joking, because adults don’t take offense to being told they can’t scream around other people, so he just kind of laughed it off. Chamberlain, who clearly recognized Mariano didn’t get the message, clarified:

“I’m serious. Don’t ever shush me again.”

Ouch. Getting snotty with a living legend and New York sports icon is a fast track out of the city. When asked about the incident, which happened in front of throngs of reporters and fans alike, Joba gave a pissy, “I’m not talking about that.” While Mariano, the consumate professional, gave this measured response. “We’ll take care of it. We’re grownups and I know better than that. We’ll take care of that.” (Can you tell whose side I’m taking in this one?)

Not like it’s news, but Mariano Rivera has a stellar record with the media, fans, and closing out baseball games. Not to mention a clean sheet for a personal life. Chamberlain, on the other hand, has come off as angry, frustrated, and not pitched very well. Then there’s his Mom’s whole meth dealing situation (obviously not his doing) and his DUI back in 2009 (his doing).

When you put the two up against one another, the court of public opinion rules heavily in the favor of Mariano Rivera, instantaneously. The lesson learned here is never punch a gift horse in the mouth. Especially if you’re a fat jockey named after a Star Wars character.

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