Mariner Moose Was Punched By A Boeing Employee On ‘Public Safety Day’

  • Ricky Boebel

moose punch

Mariner Moose has long had happy relationship with the city of Seattle. That all changed when the mascot attended a corporate event on Friday. Komo News Seattle reported:

The Mariners and Boeing confirm that last Friday the beloved mascot was at a Boeing facility for an event. At some point during what a source called “public safety day,” an employee punched the Mariner Moose “in the snout,” according to the Mariners.

The mascot — and anyone associated with the portrayal thereof — was not injured in the incident, according to the team.

Motivation for the incident is still up the air. One YouTube commenter claimed there was a $100 bet on whether the man would punch Mariner Moose, but this is unconfirmed from any other sources.

Mascots are often perceived as animate objects by the public. It’s easy to forget there’s a person behind that huge head and googly eyes. A person that dislikes punches to the face, especially on public safety day.

Here’ are some insights Mariners fans had on the incident:

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