Mark Teixeira Let His Bat Go Flying Into The Stands, And Spike Lee, Of All People, Caught It

  • Dylan Murphy

The Yankees and Angels were all square at 2-2 in the bottom of the first inning when Mark Teixeira came to the plate. After swinging at the 1-1 pitch, his bat went flying dangerously into the stands. Hoards of people ducked and dove to get out of the way of the flying piece of wood, but one lucky fan emerged with a souvenir. Spike Lee.

The Knicks’ regular courtside heckler was overjoyed, holding the bat up with childish glee and showing off his newest toy to the Yankee crowd. When the young boy to his right (who we’ll assume is his son) tried to grab the bat, Spike rebuffed his advances – it’s Spike Lee time, young fella.

As the drama began to subside, Spike left us with one more treat – his picturesque swing. And he’s a lefty! Who knew.

Maybe the best part, though, was the announcer (we think it’s David Cone) sneaking in the following dig:

“I’m sure some people wished that would’ve hit him.”

And by people, we assume he means Reggie Miller.

Video via CJ Fogler