Mark Teixeira Is Moonlighting As A Broadway Actor

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Most athletes spend their offseasons doing cliched things like golfing, fishing, hunting and mostly every other gerund you can think of. Thanks to Mark Teixiera’s recent turn in “Rock of Ages”, you can now add acting [in a Broadway musical] to the list.

Just weeks before Teixeira joins Team USA for the World Baseball Classic, he somehow made a cameo in “Rock of Ages”, a musical heavy in 80s hair metal both in music and style. As you can see by the photo above, while Teixeira didn’t exactly go all-out with his costume like the show’s cast does, he didn’t exactly shy away either, which is more than you can say for one of his teammates, who has been doing a lot of shying away these days.

The fact that Teixeira got up there at all took some real balls. He apparently didn’t do any solo singing, as to not risk the reputation of the show (we can’t all be as great a musician as Bernie Williams), but he did chime in for the group numbers. You’ll find more photos over at Cut 4, but for now, please just enjoy this gem:

He just wanted to rock. Rock.

[Cut 4 via CBS Sports]