Marlins Dancing Kid Returns, This Time With Dancing Old-Timer That Loves Keys

  • David Gonos

When the crazy Marlins dancing kid gets on the fan cam at a Marlins game and something good happens, you know things are about to get awesome. He’s back!

It was just last week a Vine circulated of the young boy at Marlins Park who got crazy excited over something we think might have been good on the field.

Well, something good happened again! At Marlins Park! Baseball!

This time, however, he shared his tongue-wagging, pelvis-thrusting excitement with the old fella next to him that obviously had no clue how famous this kid was. (The first vine has 65K likes and has been looped over 30 million times.)

There have even been some really good copycat Vines, too!

I’m looking forward to this kid someday making it into the Bobblehead Museum – which, coincidentally, is also at Marlins Park!