Marlins Pitcher Alex Sanabia Gave Up A Homer, Blatantly Spit On The Next Ball, And Didn’t Allow A Run For The Rest Of The Game

  • Eric Goldschein

After all the controversy the Clay Buchholz accusation got a few weeks ago, you’d think MLB pitchers would be a little more careful if they decided to fudge and/or break the rules of the game a little bit. But Alex Sanabia went to the school of “gives no fucks” and blatantly spit on a baseball in the second inning of the Marlins-Phillies game last night. It’s so obvious, it’s as if he doesn’t know that spitballs were outlawed in 1920.

That Sanabia spit on the ball is bad enough. That it appeared to coincide with him not giving up another run over the next 6 1/3 innings is even worse. It’s unlikely that he played with that same ball over that entire span, but he knows how many other balls he spit on or licked or rubbed on the back of his neck.

Here’s the second inning incident:

Adding any sort of foreign substance, no matter how insignificant, is not allowed. So expect Sanabia to be fined or suspended — not to mention chastised by his team for being such a moron.

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