Angry Marlins Fans Ripped Their Team Apart On Facebook, And It Was Glorious

  • Glenn Davis

When we last visited the Marlins’ official Facebook page, they were asking fans to share their favorite memories of the Marlins’ miserable failure of a 2012 season, and the fans were justifiably responding with venom. Wouldn’t you, after your team built a new stadium on the back of hundreds of millions of dollars in public money, for once went on a spending spree after being one of baseball’s cheapest franchises for years (despite being flush with cash)… and then produced a last-place finish? It was a terrible year to be a Marlins fan, and the fans’ anger was righteous.

And then, yesterday, the Marlins topped themselves in all-around awfulness. That spending spree from last season? Hope Marlins fans enjoyed that time their team looked like it was trying to win, because they traded practically everyone away to the Blue Jays. At least the last time the Marlins got rid of all their good players in a transparent attempt to save money, they had the decency to win the World Series first.

With that in mind, I decided to head back to the Marlins’ Facebook page. There was no status update about the trade, or anything else that made it particularly easy for fans to vent their frustrations that the team they root for is repeating its cycle of complete futility, but we had a feeling the fans would find a way. They did. And it was delicious.

What you’ll see below is culled from a couple different Marlins posts: this one about “giv[ing] the gift of a personal egraph” from a Marlins player for the holidays, and this one about an upcoming soccer match at Marlins Park (which, again, was constructed with the help of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money). Some posts reference these things. Most, though, just call out the Marlins for being the embarrassment they are:

No team in sports – and especially no owner in sports – deserves to hear every bit of this more than the Marlins and Jeff Loria right now. I’m not even a Marlins fan and I felt rage bubbling up in Loria’s direction when I heard about this trade yesterday. I wondered if I was just latching on to something easy to get mad at, coming down hard on something there’s no risk in coming down hard on. But… the Marlins really deserve it. They’re an embarrassment not only to baseball, but the city of Miami itself. Sure, maybe being angry at them is easy, but it’s righteous anger. It’s the least any of us can do: treat the Marlins with the same contempt with which they’ve treated their fans again and again.

Getty photo, by Marc Sirota