Matt Garza Engages In Sexist Freakout Rant On Twitter, Blames His ‘Competitive Spirit’

  • Eric Goldschein

matt garzaTexas Rangers pitcher Matt Garza engaged in one of the more embarrassing Twitter rants of all Twitter-time over the weekend, going after the A’s Eric Sogard and his wife Kaycee in an offensive, poorly written rant for reasons that aren’t entirely clear — unless you want to consider Garza’s excuse of having “competitive spirit” a reason.

In the 7th inning of Saturday’s game, Sogard laid down a squeeze bunt to get the runner on third across the plate. Apparently Garza is “not good” at fielding, and thinks that other teams should respect his handicap by not playing small ball. Here’s the play, with Garza’s unhappy reaction (via BI Sports):

When Sogard’s wife tweeted her happiness with the play — because her husband had sacrificed his at-bat for the betterment of the team — Garza took notice, and for some reason took offense:

Garza’s tweets are mercifully protected from the greater internet, but we did learn that he later apologized for his inane tweet screams in a statement: “All I want to say is I let my competitive spirit cross outside the lines, and that shouldn’t happen. I let my passion, my fire carry over, and that’s not how this game should be played. And for that I apologize to the Sogards for anything that was said through my Twitter. That’s all I have. I regret what happened, and I’m just looking forward to a great game today.”

Worst excuse for being a sexist dickhead ever? I can’t think of another that comes close. Competitive fire shouldn’t leave the field/court, but if it does, at least be an adult about it and take up your beef — even if your beef is… don’t bunt? Because bunting is lame? — with the person to their face. Tweeting about your problems has to be the least productive thing you can do to solve them, outside of posting your feelings to your MySpace account.

Here’s to hoping that everybody on the next team Garza starts against bunts in every at-bat.

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