The Saddest Reaction To Matt Kemp Losing Out On The NL MVP Came From Matt Kemp’s Mom

  • Glenn Davis

The Brewers’ Ryan Braun won the National League MVP award today, beating out the other top contender, the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp. Kemp had a better individual season overall (fantastic numbers across the board, tougher defensive position, phenomenal 10.0 WAR according to Baseball Reference vs. Braun’s 7.7*), but Braun had an awfully good year himself…and whether it should have or not, the Brewers’ playoff berth undoubtedly helped him. And while many people, like Braun himself, are surely thrilled with the MVP, some aren’t. Chief among the not-thrilled: Kemp’s mom…

Her reaction is above. ESPN the Magazine’s Molly Knight saw this and could only respond with “:(“ – and how couldn’t you? Especially when the Kemp family as a whole was so classy about it: Kemp himself had this to say, while his mom, though sad, also congratulated Braun. Those one-word tweets, though: they can be daggers. Would people talk near as much trash about athletes if all their moms tweeted like this? We think not.

Getty photo, by Christian Petersen

*FanGraphs pegged the two as more similar, giving Kemp an 8.7 WAR and Braun a 7.8.