Matt Williams' Babe Ruth Impression Will Heal A Troubled Nation

  • Rick Chandler

We are a people plagued by war, hunger, economic turmoil, and an actual plague. Saving us won’t be easy, but this will help. Hurry, Matt Williams Babe Ruth impersonation! We need you now!

As you may know, the Nationals’ manager was once a Gold Glove third baseman for the San Francisco Giants. When Williams put on his game face, there was no one more fierce or down-to-business. But when he wanted to entertain his teammates, there was also no one more comical. And the Babe Ruth gag was his masterpiece.

It has not been seen in the wild since 1991 (above, and below, filmed at Candlestick Park), but Williams said recently in an interview with MASN that he would break it out again if the Nationals won 10 straight. Well, on Thursday they did just that, claiming a 1-0 win over Arizona — also their fifth walk-off win in six games. So Williams was asked about it. Washington Post:

“As in any situation with games or any of that, timing is important,” Williams said with a smile. “So I wouldn’t imagine that right now is the proper time. It’s probably not appropriate. But in some form or fashion, at some point, probably in the privacy of some stadium somewhere, we’ll bring it out again. I don’t know when that will be.

“It’s not appropriate,” Williams said. “You talk to folks and you say ‘Hey, boy, sure we’d like to win 10 in a row.’ But at some point it will be fun and appropriate but not right now.”

Until that time, we have this:

Matt Williams