McCarthy Catches Homer While Calling Play, Throws It Back On Field (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

When the Phillies broadcasting crew was told they’d be calling yesterday’s game against the Braves from centerfield, Tom McCarthy never thought he’d be making a highlight reel play during the game. In fact, he said after the game that he only brought his mitt as a joke to play up the fact that the trio was calling the game from the stands.

But that mitt sure came in handy on Friday when Freddie Freeman went long in the first inning. This is one of the rare occasions where you can see a Philadelphia crowd cheer for an opposing team’s home run, mostly because McCarthy made a great snag while announcing the play. But that isn’t the only reason they cheered.

Take a look:

Jamie Moyer talked McCarthy into throwing the ball back without actually saying any words, repeatedly mumbling instead.


But it was convincing enough for McCarthy, and to the cheers of the Citizens Bank Park fans, he tossed Freeman’s homer back into the outfield.

The Phillies went on the lose the game 4-2, but McCarthy’y play will certainly go down as one of the bright spots on a very dark season for the squad.