Melky Cabrera Gives Some Braves Fans The Ol’ “Suck It” Gesture

  • Evan Sporer

During his rocky tenure in Atlanta, Melky Cabrera wasn’t quite the .350-plus-hitting, MVP-of-the-All-Star-Game caliber player he is now. (Cabrera played for the Braves in 2010, a season in which he hit a measly .225 in 115 games.) So when the San Francisco Giants traveled to Turner Field to take on the Braves yesterday, the boo birds were out in full.

So Melky, who clearly is an old-school WWF fan, went D-Generation X on a group of hecklers near the left field stands, giving them the good ol’ “suck it” crotch chop. BR-BR-BREAK IT DOWN!

Short of jumping into the stands and giving a heckler some Sweet Chin Music (or a Pedigree) this is about as much damage as Melky can do. Oh, and the Giants blew out the Braves 9-0.

[NBC Bay Area]