AMERICA ROCKS SO HARD: Metallica Does The Star Spangled Banner Justice At SF Giants Game (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Despite San Francisco being the tech-centric, ultra-progressive bastion that it is, AT&T Park rocked in apolitical unison to the overdriven vibrato National Anthem performed by the band that doesn’t care much for Earth Day, taxes, and online music sharing. Metallica just rocked the shit out of it.

After shredding the Spangled Banner with Kirk Hammett, Lead Guitarist James Hetfield threw out the first pitch. “We’ll see, maybe the Raiders are around the corner, you never know,” bassist Robert Trujillo told the AP. “I think we could be starting something here. Maybe this transitions into other bands uniting with their local team and representing and bringing that kind of excitement into the sport.”

Please do that. In fact, just stay plugged in and slam a power chord every time someone gets popped. Ya know what, just replace organists in general.

Featured Image via MLB Blogs, H/T DEADSPIN