Mets & Dodgers Betting Insights in the Futures Market

With the New York Mets in the City of Angels to take on the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers (LA won 2-0 last night), it’s a perfect time to check out the National League Pennant and World Series betting insights from BetMGM.

Mets Getting a Lot of NL Love; Dodgers Still Favorite

Tied for the best record in the National League (35-18), the first-place Mets (by 9.5 games) find themselves with the highest ticket count and the most significant liability to win the NL. At the same time, the Dodgers remain where they have been since the start of the season, as the World Series favorites.

World Series Line Movement

LA opened at +500 at BetMGM with a slight bump to +450 with their strong 34-17 start to the season. The Mets have seen the most significant line movement going from +2000 to +800 to win their first World Series since 1986.

World Series Futures Odds Top 10 at BetMGM 

Team Opening Odds Current Odds Movement
Los Angeles Dodgers 500 450 50
New York Mets 2000 800 1200
New York Yankees 1000 600 400
Toronto Blue Jays 1600 1000 600
Chicago White Sox 1200 1800 600
Philadelphia Phillies 3500 3000 500
Milwaukee Brewers 1600 1100 500
Houston Astros 800 800 Even
St. Louis Cardinals 3000 3000 Even
Atlanta Braves 1000 1600 600

Ticket & Handle Percentages at BetMGM

The Dodgers edge out the Metropolitans in ticket count (12.4% to 10.9%), while the New York Yankees find themselves ahead of their old and new crosstown rivals with an MLB-leading 17.1% World Series handle at BetMGM. The franchise that once called Brooklyn home is second (15%), with New York’s National League team checking in at third (14.1%) in handle percentage.

Team Ticket% Handle%
Los Angeles Dodgers 12.40% 15.00%
New York Mets 10.90% 14.10%
New York Yankees 10.40% 17.10%
Toronto Blue Jays 8.50% 8.70%
Chicago White Sox 6.60% 5.90%
Philadelphia Phillies 4.70% 4.30%
Milwaukee Brewers 4.40% 3.50%
Houston Astros 3.70% 6.40%
St. Louis Cardinals 3.60% 2.80%
Atlanta Braves 3.30% 3.30%

Ticket & Handle Percentages at FanDuel

At FanDuel, it’s the Mets who lead in handle (22%) and bet count (13%), followed by the Yankees (16% of handle, 11% of bets) and Dodgers (9% of handle, 7% of bets).

If the betting market is any indication, we could be watching an NLCS preview this weekend between NY and LA. I don’t know about you, but I’m here for it.