Mets-Giants 16-Inning Fiasco Featured Random Security Guard On The Field During Play; Sleeping, Pajama-Clad Seal Mascot

  • Rick Chandler

The Giants left 29 runners on base on Monday night (not a typo) in a 4-3, 16-inning loss to the Mets. And they also left one security guard on the field.

New York’s Eric Young led off the seventh by slapping a ball into the left-field corner at AT&T. Regular visitors there know that this is an adventure because of (a.) seagull hazards, and (b.) random, scurrying security guards.

The Giants post security down the lines near the corners in that narrow strip of land they call foul territory. The problem is that sometimes the ball is in play down there, and the guards have to scramble, duck and cover. Here we see Andres Torres throwing over a human obstacle.

In what other sport are stadium personnel on the field during play? Do NHL players have to avoid the Zamboni? The Giants’ season looks enough like a circus this year without this bit of theater. Get those guys out of there — put them in stands. Jesus Garlic Fries-Eating Christ.

Did we mention this went 16 innings, ending just before 1 a.m., PST?