Marlins Fans Would (Unsurprisingly) Rather Have An Unsavory $5 Pizza Than Marlins Tickets

  • Matt Rudnitsky

What’s worse than below average, chain-delivery-shop pizza? Miami Marlins tickets.

The fine folks at WPLG in Miami put this together as a response to Big League Stew’s seemingly sarcastic, but actually realistic inquiry of whether fans would prefer a Little Caesar’s $5 pizza to Miami Marlins tickets. The results aren’t a surprise, given that pizza sucks in Florida and that the instant gratification of cheap, greasy food will trump the promise of a future baseball game, to many Americans. That is especially the case when the team in question is the Marlins. A Yankees fan likely would’ve had a different answer given his team’s willingness to spend money and the quality of available pizza in New York, but it should be noted that fans of better teams than the Marlins might have the same answer. They were setting the Marlins up to fail.

But when given an opportunity to embarrass Jeffrey Loria, you must take advantage. Kudos to all involved, because Jeffrey Loria is the worst.

[Big League Stew]