REMEMBER WHEN: Mike Francesa Falls Asleep During A-Rod Interview

  • Jake O'Donnell

Major League Baseball handed down a reduced, though substantial, 164-game suspension for Alex Rodriguez, who’s playing days may very well be over. The end of an era? No — players will always juice — but it’s a start. Here’s our favorite moment from this most recent A-Rod steroid circus, despite being something we completely made up. The original post:

Mike Francesa totally whiffed the other day when he refused to confront Alex Rodriguez about the ridiculous inconsistencies of his PED suspension story and/or blatant posturing as he sat across from him and lied clearly to his face. Francesa seems to give other similarly egotistical public personalities a pass, yet berates his callers for having harmless opinions. Why wouldn’t he press A-Rod on his B.S.? Is it because he works for YES? Or is it because he’s a sycophant who arbitrarily respects certain New York athletes too much?

And why was he sleeping during most of it?