Miguel Cabrera GIF Is Trippy, Would Shorten Games By About Two Hours

  • Rick Chandler

A while back we showed you a crazy animated GIF featuring the Rangers’ Yu Darvish, seemingly throwing several pitches at once. If you were mesmerized by that, then how about Miguel Cabrera hitting several baseballs at once?

Octopus Miguel Cabrera swings and sends a deep fly ball to … left, center, left again, right, center, left … they’re gone! Tigers lead 6-0.

Poor Tommy Hunter cannot be happy with this. I’m pretty sure the Orioles pitcher only gave up one of these homers.

not a bad one

Here’s Darvish:


Both GIFS were constructed by Drew Sheppard at Fangraphs, the former to illustrate Cabrera’s impressive plate coverage (none of the balls he hit appear to be strikes. Pablo Sandoval approves). All went for home runs.

Thanks also to Next Impulse Sports.