Mike Francesa Gets Prank Called, Admits Mike Piazza Would Be Best Gay Catcher Ever

  • Jake O'Donnell

Somewhere in the recesses of the mind of Francesa, there is a list of the greatest homosexual catchers, ever. Today, a caller asked him where he’d rank Mike Piazza, if it were to come out that he’s gay–a question indie bands have been asking for years. Oddly enough, Mr. WFAN answered the caller’s question with the pithy, yet genuine response of, yes, were it to come out that Mike Piazza were a gay catcher, he’d be the best gay catcher ever. “I don’t know of any others, anyway,” Francesa added, finally putting to rest those pesky rumors about Johnny Bench, Yogi Berra, and Carlton Fisk (although the jury still may be out on Bill Dickey.)

When the broadcast aired later in the day on YES, they edited out the caller’s question, but left Mike’s response, which ended up looking like he was just talkin’ greatest LGBT catchers. Ya know, classic barber shop chatter.

[via MediaRantz]