Radio Host Mike Francesa Has Possible Best Freakout Ever, And We’re All Winners

  • Evan Sporer

As a Mets fan, I understand the frustration of noted ice cream enthusiast and iconic WFAN radio host Mike Francesca. This is a team that just got swept by the Rockies, after all, and I think we’re all a little shaken as a result of their horrid second-half performance in 2012. But I don’t think any of us were prepared for the Diet Coke-powered tirade that took place on New York City’s airwaves this afternoon.

New York’s #1 isn’t happy folks. Personally, I think two lines in particular rank this above Francesa’s classic Jets freakout. I won’t spoil them for you, but one is an allusion to the Mets’ lack of power (at the 8:25 mark) and the other is said with lovable team mascot Mr. Met’s mental health in mind (at the 9:20 mark).

[h/t WFAN Audio]