What The Hell Was Mike Napoli Wearing Last Night?

  • Dan Fogarty

I’m not asking because I don’t know. I’m sure we’re all aware that that’s a sleeveless camo tee. So I guess a better question would be “Why the hell was Mike Napoli wearing a sleeveless camo tee?”

We’re guessing comfort, for one — I bet there’s nothing like letting your pits breathe on ESPN after winning Game 5 of the World Series. Also, people get to see your tats, so that’s sweet. Don’t forget about branding: the Rangers offer camouflaged hats and pennants (pennants?) in their team store. Actually, wait: breathable pits, tat face time, and corporate synergy? That’s why the hell Mike Napoli was wearing a sleeveless camo tee.

[via Darren Rovell]