Mike Napoli: Still Shirtless, Still Celebrating, Still Drunk … Now Chugging ‘Fireball’ Whiskey

  • Matt Rudnitsky

A couple of days ago, we showed you World Series Champion and Boston Red Sox manly man Mike Napoli roaming Boston, drunk and shirtless. It was glorious.

We’ve now come across a new photo of him chugging the ever-popular young-person-drink, “Fireball” whiskey, a cinnamon-flavored whiskey that tastes far better and smoother than you’d ever think. He’s wearing the same (lack of) shirt, so we guess this is from the same night? Or maybe he’s re-wearing outfits. Who cares: He’s a world champion.

We’ve been a bit worried about MLB’s TV ratings, but give this man a reality show and everything will be cured, quickly.

Mike Napoli Drunk Shirtless Fireball