Mike Tyson Threw Out First Pitch At Pirates Game, And It Was A Strike

  • Rick Chandler

Mike Tyson is in the boxing promotion business now, as you know, and is in town to preside over the return of nationally televised boxing in Pittsburgh on Friday. The three-card fight from the Monroeville Convention Center will be shown live on Showtime, and is promoted by his Iron Mike Productions.

Anyone who saw this coming the night that Tyson bit off Evader Holyfield’s ear, please handle all of my investments from now on. WTAE:

“The main reason I wanted to do it here is because Pittsburgh, in general, since the beginning of time was a big fight town. You may have 10 world champions that come from the town of Pittsburgh itself,” Tyson told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 anchor Andrew Stockey.

But more importantly: Mike Tyson, closer!