This Is A Minor League Home Run Derby With Obstacles In The Outfield and Partiers on the Infield

  • Spencer Lund

Home Run Derby Beach Infield Sand Party

It’s useful to realize a home run derby with a tightly grouped crowd just 20 feet away from the batter is a recipe for disaster, but that didn’t stop the Reading Phillies from making this event happen. Fortunately, no one was hurt (that we know of), and it seems like everyone on the infield was having fun imbibing and running for short pop-ups. The infield might be a little worse for the wear, but it was still more fun than the over-hyped MLB Derby, especially if you got beat up this year.

Some video hightlights:
–An infield dinner party callously interrupted by short pop-fly landing on the table.
–The hot dog guy juuuust missing a liner in the outfield.
–A player, Ryan Goins, hits the dunk tank in right field, and soaks a surprised fan (the possibility of a baseball hitting the dunk tank’s tiny lever are about as low as a hole-in-one, but there’s no word on whether Ryan got a free drink in the club house).
–Goins also came close to nailing a photographer in center field.

This isn’t your average home run derby, and maybe MLB should take a look.

[Reading Phillies; h/t With Leather]