Liberal Group Objects To Glenn Beck/MLB Deal With Hilarious Compilation Of Crazy Things He’s Said

  • Glenn Davis

Back in June, we wrote about something that on the one hand, wasn’t surprising, and on the other, we wondered if it could possibly be a good idea. That idea: MLB Advanced Media – which includes MLB’s streaming video operation – teaming up with conservative/lachrymose crazy-man pundit Glenn Beck for his new online show.

And while, like we said at the time, this wasn’t a sign that soon Beck would be infiltrating your ballpark and experience, it was a not-insignificant partnership with an arm of MLB. Indeed, look at a video on Beck’s site and a video on MLB’s site: it’s the same player. Beck is many things, but “dumb about new media” isn’t one of them – the reason they teamed up with MLB Advanced Media is that this video player is good. Whether or not it’s a smart partnership, though, someone was bound to get upset about it – and recently, the liberal group Americans United for Change came out against the pairing. Part of their campaign, in addition to this website, is this video:

(Note: Yes, the video contains inaccuracies of its own. CNN didn’t “cut” Beck, for example – Fox News hired him away. And one of the stories they cited to show Beck was fired by Fox News actually says just the opposite. As you were.)

A few things stand out after watching this. One: Glenn Beck has said some insane stuff. Two: as one of the “clipped” stories at the 1:04 mark proves beyond all doubt, SportsGrid is the real most trusted name in news. Take THAT, CNN!

And three: we’re actually surprised it’s taken this long for us to hear about opposition to the MLBAM-Beck video partnership. Sure, it might be good business, but MLB had to know something like this was coming, no? You don’t associate with someone so incendiary and then never get questioned on it. Really, four months is about as long as you can hope for. And while we’re not expecting this Beck-MLBAM union to end anytime soon, we also don’t expect this to be the last voice coming out against it.

Photo in excerpt by Alex Wong (Getty)