Snobs At The Met Gala Thought A-Rod Was J-Lo’s Security Guard

Snobs At The Met Gala Thought A-Rod Was J-Lo’s Security Guard
  • Tanya Ray Fox

The Met Gala is an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City that traditionally celebrates the Costume Institute’s exhibition with various A-list celebrities arriving in costume to fit the theme.

In other words, it’s a glorified fashion shoot and photo op for celebs who want to be seen mingling with other celebs while everyone mostly just pays attention to Rihanna – and it’s only gotten worse in the Instagram era. I have one word for you: Kardashians.

So it’s not surprise that triple-threat superstar Jennifer Lopez chose the occasion to make her red carpet debut with new beau, Alex Rodriguez. The power couple who are still in the honeymoon phase were all smiles throughout the night, and looked fantastic. You don’t have to like him, but A-Rod’s list of flaws does not include being un-photogenic.

However while JLo was a welcome site to the various photographers, paparazzi and media at the star-studded event, they were apparently baffled by how much time she was spending with her limo driver.

Yeah. You can cringe. I did too.

Here’s what he told For The Win when they asked him whether he’d met anyone fascinating at the gala:

AR: For me, the funny thing was: People were confusing me for the driver or the security guard.”

FTW: Really? Why?

AR: I don’t know, they wanted me to get out of the way, so I did.

I don’t know why I take personal offense to this, since I’m a Boston Red Sox fan that definitely didn’t ever like Alex Rodriguez during his playing days. Perhaps it’s because I respect the fact that he was a great baseball player and I’m so hyper-aware of his role in the sports media lexicon, but it just rubs me the wrong way that a bunch of celebrity gossip and fashion snobs thought one of the most famous athletes in the world was J-Lo’s limo driver.

Now he’s not the first celebrity’s boyfriend that’s been asked to step aside so a beautiful woman can be photographed alone, but he is one of the few who is arguably as famous as the person he’s standing next to. I have no use for the world of pretentious fashion folk, but I expect more from celebrity news media. If you don’t know who Lopez is currently dating, you’re not good at your job.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… A-Rod deserves a little more respect that that.

Tanya Ray Fox

Tanya Ray Fox is a sportswriter and producer who has worked for nearly 7 years in both digital and television sports media. She has previously worked in TV production experience for Comcast SportsNet New England, NFL Network and Time Warner Cable Sports. In addition to her work for SportsGrid and appearances on the affiliated FNTSY Sports Network, she is also a contributor for USA Today's Rams Wire.