Hallelujah! MLB Finally Allowing Embedding Of Some Videos

  • Glenn Davis

Major League Baseball’s taken a lot of heat for an online video policy out of the Dark Ages – deservedly so. In the internet as it exists today, if you’re not allowing the embedding of any of your videos (as MLB wasn’t), you’re asking for nothing but a bunch of irritated bloggers and less publicity. The internet rage took on many forms, such as crude drawings of events sites wanted to show, but couldn’t; and plain ol’ posts railing against Major League Baseball.

And that rage, it appears, is starting to pay off. Without fanfare, multiple sites noticed today that MLB started allowing the embedding of certain videos. Sure, they’re not allowing the embedding of all videos by a long shot, but some is certainly better than none, so this is a positive development.

For the time being, game highlights are still off-limits (and those are probably the biggest draw for potential embedding). However, when our own Dan Fogarty ranted a while back (again, rightly so) about how MLB wouldn’t even let you embed a funny commercial with Brian Wilson…that’s just the kind of thing you might be able to slap up on your site now. So good on you, MLB, and here’s Mariano Rivera talking about appearing in his 1,000th game as a Yankee.