MLB Competition Committee Voting on Rule Changes on Friday

Major League Baseball could look a little different next season.

According to, the league’s competition committee will vote Friday on potential rule changes with the goal of improving the pace of play.

Per ESPN, the rule changes include:

  • A 15-second pitch clock with the bases empty and a 20-second clock with runners on
  • Two disengagements from the rubber — including pickoff attempts — per plate appearance
  • A requirement by hitters to be in the batter’s box and “alert” with eight seconds to go on the clock. Hitters are allowed one timeout per plate appearance
  • Only two infielders will be allowed on each side of second base, with all four required to be on the dirt
  • Infielders cannot position themselves on the outfield grass before the pitch is thrown
  • Bases will increase in size from 15 inches squared to 18

The most notable changes are the implementation of a pitch clock and the elimination of the shift. 

“There’s bound to be some pushback regarding these new rules for 2023, especially from late-inning veteran relievers,” said ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “They pitch in those high-leverage situations, and with the clock ticking down on them, they’re a little nervous about it… As far as the elimination of the shift, you won’t find a left-handed hitter that’s against it, and, in fact, many pitchers are in favor of eliminating the shift as well. Aesthetically, it’s going to look better, and it will put more action in the game.” 

The rule changes are likely to pass.

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