MLB DFS: Braves, A's Top Leverage Stacks for Monday

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Stack optimal probabilities are calculated using each team’s top 6 projected hitters. Team cost is the average cost of that team’s top six optimal probability players.

Team stacks seeing the most leverage: Braves, A’s

We find the Atlanta Braves at the top of the team stack leverage board since Max Scherzer, as their opponent, has the Braves looking to be minimally owned. The discussion is less about how good Scherzer will do and more about if it’s worth taking a shot on the Braves at minimal ownership. Atlanta has been on an absolute roll offensively. Since June 1, they have ranked in the top three in ISO, wOBA, and wRC+. There has been no dropoff either, as they rank in the top six in the same categories over the past two weeks.

Scherzer returned from the IL last week and tossed an absolute gem of six scoreless innings with 11 strikeouts. As we look to the viability of the Braves’ chances tonight, that gem of performance was against a pretty bad Cincinnati Reds team, and the Braves’ offense is of a much higher caliber. Out of eight starts before his injury, Scherzer only had one scoreless outing under his belt, so the possibility of a high-powered Braves offense getting something off of him feels decent. Taking a shot on this stack at minimal ownership is a risky play, but the upside is definitely visible. 

We are also seeing some interesting leverage on the Oakland Athletics stack for tonight. It’s an odd sight since the A’s are ridiculously bad. They have been dreadful all season and likely will only continue to get worse as they’ll sell off any decent player on their team for prospects in the weeks to come. Oakland has ranked either 29th or 30th in baseball in ISO, wOBA, and wRC+ for the entire season and has only scored more than three runs in four out of their last 13 games. 

Luckily for Oakland, they’ll face an absolute stiff in Spencer Howard. We were hoping that in his return start last week that Howard made some progress with his longevity in the minors, but we were wrong as he tossed four innings of nothing. He also faced the A’s in a relief effort back in April, where he allowed two earned runs over two innings pitched, the only two runs scored in that entire game. Safe to say, despite how bad the A’s are, they might have an opportunity to score some runs given their opponent. Taking a shot on this minimally owned cheap stack is definitely worth serious consideration.