MLB DFS: Yankees, Dodgers Top Leverage Stacks for Friday

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Stack optimal probabilities are calculated using each team’s top six projected hitters.


The New York Yankees team stack once again finds themselves atop the leverage board as they continue to search for answers. They have lost four of their last five games against the A’s and Angels (of all teams), so it is pretty difficult to look at them positively as they prepare to face a much more formidable opponent in Jeffrey Springs and the Tampa Bay Rays. Since August 1, the Yankees have only added ten wins while ranking in the bottom eight in ISO, wOBA, and wRC+. We continue to talk ourselves into opportunities for the Yankees to regain momentum, but they repeatedly prove us wrong.

Springs has pitched very well for Tampa this year, and the move to add him to the starting rotation mid-season looks better and better. He doesn’t have the best longevity, as six innings is usually his ceiling, but he can give you some great stuff in five. He has strong strikeout production and isn’t vulnerable to giving up a concerning amount of power. The Yankees are still priced expensively while expecting to see near-minimal ownership. Springs is no pushover, so backing the Yankees here looks like an uphill battle that isn’t worth the risk, given how they have performed lately.


The Los Angeles Dodgers, who have performed to expectations, also find themselves near the top of the team stack leverage board for tonight’s slate ahead of their matchup against Yu Darvish and the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers have consistently been near the top of the league in ISO, wOBA, and wRC+ throughout the season, and they have seen no noticeable drop-off to give us trepidation. Tonight will be their fourth time facing Darvish after three matchups with varying outcomes, so there isn’t a trend that we can point to for this matchup.

Darvish has been consistent for the Padres all year, his main selling points being reliability and not getting obliterated. He has pitched a minimum of six innings in 22 of his 24 starts this year, so we can be assured that we cannot rely on a potential bullpen collapse to salvage some late runs. Darvish is pretty average when it comes to allowing power, so the Dodgers should have a few opportunities they will need to maximize. The Dodgers’ average stack salary is the most expensive on the slate by a pretty noticeable margin which is why we expect slightly lower ownership, so if you have the financial flexibility to do, you shouldn’t necessarily be scared off by Darvish as the Dodgers always have upside.