Play The Home Run Derby Drinking Game, So Chris Berman (Maybe) Seems Endearing

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Chris Berman Home Run Derby

If you watch tonight’s MLB Home Run Derby (featuring Robinson Cano, David Wright, Prince Fielder, Bryce Harper, Pedro Alvarez, Chris Davis, Yoenis Cespedes and Michael Cuddyer), you will have to listen to Chris Berman being Chris Berman. I hate Chris Berman far less than most people, but I strongly dislike Chris Berman.

A solution: drink alcohol. It should help.

We’d come up with our own drinking game, but Pete Blackburn of The Nosebleeds beat us to it, and his is quite effective. A big thanks to Pete for saving us from Bermanitis.

For those of you with a higher tolerance, we suggest adding these rules, in order. Drink when:

1. One of those kids makes a catch in the outfield.
2. There is a home run.
3. Somebody tweets something mean about Chris Berman. (Note: Dont do this; it’s literally suicide.)

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[The Nosebleeds]