MLB Inexplicably Blames Astros Logo Leak On Hurricane Sandy

  • Dylan Murphy

The NFL trade deadline wasn’t the only sports casualty of Hurricane Sandy. This Friday, the Houston Astros were supposed to unveil their new logo, except now it appears that MLB is blaming Hurricane Sandy on the logo leaking to the public on the Astros’ website.

Forms of the logo had already leaked thanks to an iPhone 5 case, a t-shirt sale and some handy photoshopping. The latest leak, which comes courtesy of the team’s website, had crappy photoshopped hats on every player’s page (see above).

When Major League Baseball acknowledge the mistake on Twitter, most expected an apology. But Major League Baseball isn’t most organizations, so they blamed the gaffe on Hurricane Sandy.

For anyone who has ever written on the internet before, there’s usually a giant “Publish” button you have to hit for something to go live. The guilty party most likely meant to set the logos to publish on Friday (knowing the power could go out, MLB wanted to be prepared) but accidentally didn’t change the post date – and so the mistake is blamed on the hurricane. Damn you, Hurricane Sandy. Damn you and your internet publishing powers.

[Big League Stew]