Every MLB Team Will Wear Camouflage On Memorial Day, Which Some People Think Is A Dick Move

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Memorial Day is next Monday, and there will be 16 MLB games. That means that every team is playing (and there’s a doubleheader)! Reportedly, they’ll all be wearing camouflage uniforms.

At first glance, this sounds great! Right? Well, Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch disagrees, quite strongly.

Memorial Day is not a day for celebrating the military. It’s a day for honoring the military dead. A more appropriate gesture would be an MLB-wide black armband. An even better gesture would be a pregame moment of silence, without anything on the uniform. But as is so often the case nowadays, merchandising and pandering trump common sense.

I’m not really qualified to judge here, but Lukas’s reasoning certainly makes sense.

What do you guys think? Is MLB a bunch of unsympathetic capitalists, a bunch of great pals of our brave, fallen soldiers, or something else? Chime in with comments below, or Tweet us @SportsGrid or me @Mattrud.

The one certainty is that the disembodied bats and gloves floating around will make for great television.