MLB Teams With Most Extra-Inning Wins in 2022

Implementing the extra innings ghost runner rule has changed the game and made free baseball much more exciting, including MLB betting.

However, with the new rules catered to scoring faster, the importance of execution and getting the ghost runner home can swing momentum quickly. Extra-inning wins may point to the caliber of a team as the more they can succeed in these clutch situations, the more they will win overall. 

So, let’s look at the leaders in extra-inning wins and see if late-game heroics translates into long-term success. 

Here are the extra innings leaders as of September 22:

Cleveland Guardians (12-4)

The young core of Steven Kwan and company is creating something magical in Cleveland. 

San Diego Padres (11-3)

The Padres have enough star power to propel them to extra-inning wins and key pieces off the bench that Bob Melvin can use how he pleases.

Tampa Bay Rays (10-9)

The Rays are poised to make the postseason, and they have had the “edge” in extra-inning games since the start of the season.

New York Mets (9-2)

Pete Alonso has been a huge reason for the New York Mets’ success in extra-inning games.

New York Yankees (10-7)

Speaking of New York, the Bronx Bombers have also had success in extra innings. Their record in extras is 10-7, with the most recent being on Thursday over the Boston Red Sox. These two exciting New York teams are headed into postseason play, and it’s sure to be a great month. 

Team Extra Innings Record
Cleveland Guardians   12-4
San Diego Padres  11-3
Tampa Bay Rays 10-9
New York Yankees 10-7
Seattle Mariners 9-5
New York Mets 9-2
Baltimore Orioles 8-4
Milwaukee Brewers 8-8
Philadelphia Phillies 7-5
Toronto Blue Jays 7-6

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