MLB Teams With Most Extra-Inning Wins in 2022

Implementing the extra innings ghost runner rule has changed the game and made free baseball much more exciting, including MLB betting.

However, with the new rules catered to scoring faster, the importance of execution and getting the ghost runner home can swing momentum quickly. Extra innings wins may point to the caliber of a team as the more they can succeed in these clutch situations, the more they will win overall. 

So, let’s look at the leaders in extra-innings wins and see if late-game heroics translates into long-term success. 

Here are the extra innings leaders as of September 16:

San Diego Padres (11-3)

The San Diego Padres have been clutch in extra-innings games this year, going 11-3 with 62 runs scored. Petco Park and their home attendance have significantly impacted their success. The team is averaging 37,121 fans a game at nearly 44,000-seat Petco Park. That’s after averaging 29,585 for 81 games in 2019– an increase of 25% over the last full season before the pandemic. 

Cleveland Guardians (10-4)

Steven Kwan has become a fan favorite in Cleveland, but the pitching staff also has been a major highlight this year. It’s kept them in close games and able to rally back with a few base hits or one big swing of the bat. 

Tampa Bay Rays (10-9)

Tampa has played a handful of extra-inning games this year, with solid pitching able to keep them in games and late-game heroics from their lineup. Pitcher Shane McClanahan says of their offense, “There’s no quit in this team. They all battle their butts off.” He also attributed some of that spark to their clubhouse culture, adding, “We’ve got a culture of winning here, and no one is content unless we win. We come to the park every day with that intent to win.”

New York Mets (9-2)

It’s no surprise that the New York Mets have landed on this list with the number of exciting players on their roster who can produce in big situations. Every day, someone new is contributing or being the “hero,” which is the hallmark of a great club and bodes well for postseason play. 

Team Extra Innings Record
San Diego Padres  11-3
Cleveland Guardians 10-4
Tampa Bay Rays 10-9
New York Mets 9-2
Seattle Mariners 9-5
New York Yankees 9-7
Baltimore Orioles 8-4
Milwaukee Brewers 8-8
Philadelphia Phillies 7-5
Toronto Blue Jays 7-6

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