MLB The Show 17′ Has Its Own Threatening Voice

MLB The Show 17′ Has Its Own Threatening Voice
  • Cam Littlejohn

MLB The Show 17′ was released March 28th for the PlayStation 4. With baseball season a week in, the shelves at your local retail stores have probably been selling out of the video game very quickly.

This video game is similar to the previous MLB The Show, except there is one dramatic difference: The 2017 edition allows you to threaten opponents for excessive celebrations for home runs or simply a good catch. But instead of getting upset and throwing your controller and screaming at the television, it allows you to have your player interact with another player and make threatening remarks. I guess it adds to the idea of realism huh?

Lead developer of the game, Paul Jones, had a lot to say about the bonus feature.

“In our massively popular ‘Road To The Show’ mode, gamers will be able to role-play their way through needlessly overblown personal beefs of their choosing. Whenever an opponent trots a little too slowly around the base paths, or pumps their fist after making a good catch, or smiles at a teammate’s joke, the gamer will be presented a list of childish reactions from which they can choose.”

Whatever way you look at it, the outcome should be a lot less broken controllers and television screens and a little more verbal abuse from the players.